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What Is Cobalt Silicide?

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Cobalt silicide CoSi2: As an alternative to titanium silicide, cobalt silicide was first applied to technology nodes ranging from 0.18 microns to 90 nanometers. The main reason is that it has no linewidth effect at this size.
In addition, the annealing temperature during the formation of cobalt silicide is lower than that of titanium silicide, which is conducive to reducing the thermal budget of the process. At the same time, the leakage and short circuit caused by the bridge are also improved.

Although the nucleation process from high-resistance CoSi to low-resistance CoSi2 is still very rapid at sizes of 90 nanometers and above, there is no linewidth effect during the phase transition of CoSi2. But when the technology advances below 45 nanometers, this phase-to-nucleus process will be greatly restricted, so the linewidth effect will appear.
In addition, as the doping depth of the active region continues to become shallower, the excessive consumption of highly doped silicon on the surface during the formation of cobalt silicide also becomes unable to meet the requirements of advanced manufacturing processes. After MOS enters 45 nanometers, the short channel effect puts forward higher requirements for the thermal budget in the silicide process. The second annealing temperature of CoSi2 is usually above 700℃, so it is necessary to look for alternatives with more thermal budget advantages.

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