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FAG bearings grease sealing method

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In order to provide the running speed of the bearing during work, grease or lubricating oil is usually used to lubricate the bearing. How to seal the lubricant during grease lubrication? Depending on the type of bearing used, the sealing method of bearing grease will vary.
1. Precautions for sealing FAG bearings grease:
Different sealing methods of grease may cause unstable temperature during the initial running-in process, abnormal temperature rise, long initial running-in time or even sintering. Therefore, it is necessary to use an appropriate amount of grease and the correct sealing method according to the conditions of use.
(1) Items to be confirmed before closing
Confirm that there is no residue in the FAG bearings. It is recommended that the bearings of the high-speed spindle be cleaned, degreased, and then sealed with grease. Under other operating conditions, it is also recommended to remove the anti-rust oil adhering to the inside of the bearing. FAG 32315 A bearing is online, please click here:
(2) Grease enclosed
In order to hold the right amount of grease, it is recommended to use a sealing device.
Enclosure, it is better to use a meter with enclosure reading.
(3) The amount of enclosed grease
Recommended packaging quantity to meet the precision bearing standard:
Angular contact ball bearings for high-speed spindles-15% intermediate volume (-2% ~ + 2%)
Cylindrical roller bearings for high-speed spindles, -10% of the intermediate volume (-2%~+2%)
The space volume of ball bearings for motors is 20% to 30%.
2. The sealing method of FAG bearing grease:
(1) Grease sealing method of FAG ball bearings
a. Seal evenly between the steel balls. If the cage is guided by the outer ring to guide the phenolic resin cage, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of grease on the guide surface of the cage.
b. Rotate the FAG ball bearing by hand to evenly seal the grease to the raceway surface, the inner diameter of the cage, the steel ball and the guide surface, so that the grease fills the internal space.
(2) Grease sealing method of cylindrical roller bearing
A. Apply 80% of the closed grease evenly on the rolling surface. At this time, it is recommended not to apply too much grease on the inner diameter of the cage. During the initial running-in operation stage, the grease inside the cage is difficult to flow, which will increase the temperature rise and prolong the running-in operation time.
B. Apply grease on the rolling surface of the roller, the end face of the roller, the cage, the contact part with the roller and the entrance of the groove, so that the grease is evenly distributed on the entire FAG bearing.
C. Apply 20% sealing grease evenly and thinly on the raceway surface of the outer ring of the sleeve.

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