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Overview of zinc sulfide preparation background

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The chemical formula of zinc sulfide is ZnS. The nature of the chemical bond between Zn and S favors the covalent bond type. The crystal has 3 different configurations: low temperature type, namely zinc blende structure, which is abundant in nature, colorless cubic crystal, Zn and S coordination number are 4, relative density is 4.10, and it turns to high temperature type at 1020℃; High temperature type, namely wurtzite structure, colorless hexagonal crystal, Zn and S coordination number are 4, relative density is 3.98, melting point is about 1700℃, it is zinc sulfide high temperature stable structure; high pressure type, namely sodium chloride structure The coordination numbers of Zn and S are both 6, and the relative density is 5.21.
There is also the water-containing compound ZnS·H2O, which is a white powder with a relative density of 3.98 and a melting point of 1049°C. Zinc sulfide is insoluble in water and dilute alkali, nor acetic acid, but it is easily soluble in low-concentration strong acids such as hydrochloric acid and emits hydrogen sulfide. In a strongly acidic zinc salt solution, hydrogen sulfide gas is passed through, and zinc sulfide precipitation cannot be obtained. In the zinc salt solution, hydrogen sulfide gas can be used to obtain zinc sulfide precipitation, but the precipitation is incomplete. Using ammonium sulfide solution as a precipitating agent can completely precipitate zinc ions in the zinc salt solution into zinc sulfide. Because the ammonium sulfide solution is alkaline, the acidity of the system can be reduced.
It is prepared by the above-mentioned method in industry, and it needs to be operated in the air-isolated condition. White zinc sulfide darkens when exposed to light, and is easily oxidized into zinc sulfate in the air. Zinc sulfide itself or mixed with zinc oxide can be used as white paint pigment. Pure zinc sulfide does not emit light. If a small amount of manganese, copper, and silver are added to the zinc sulfide crystal as an activator, it can emit different colors of fluorescence after being irradiated by light. It is called a phosphor and is used to make fluorescent light. Light screen, luminous paint. Zinc sulfide is also used in tanning, enamel, rubber, and dye industries.

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