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What Are The Characteristics Of Aluminum Nitride?

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Aluminum nitride is a covalent bond compound, belonging to the hexagonal crystal system, with a lead-zinc type crystal structure, which is white or off-white.
(1)Aluminum nitride has high thermal conductivity (about 20W/m·K), close to BeO and SiC, and is more than 5 times that of Al2O3;
(2) The thermal expansion coefficient (4.5×10-6℃) matches with Si (3.5~4×10-6℃) and GaAs (6×10-6℃);
(3) Various electrical properties (dielectric constant, dielectric loss, volume resistivity, dielectric strength) are excellent;
(4) Good mechanical properties, higher flexural strength than Al2O3 and BeO ceramics, and can be sintered under normal pressure;
(5) High purity;
(6) Good optical transmission characteristics;
(7) Non-toxic;
(8) It can be made by casting process. It is a promising high-power integrated circuit substrate and packaging material.

Security Information
WGK Germany: 3
Hazard category: 4.1
Safety instructions: S26-S37/39
Packing grade: II
Dangerous goods transport code: UN3178
Dangerous goods mark: Xi: Irritant;
Hazard category code: R36/37/38

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