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The UK Will Set Up A Cross-Disciplinary Working Group To Promote The Development Of A New Crown Vaccine

wallpapers News 2020-04-21

It is reported that the UK will set up a particular working group to coordinate and promote the development and production of the new crown vaccine. Its members include representatives from industry and academia in addition to government officials. According to reports, the newly formed select working group will be led by the government's chief scientific adviser Patrick Valance and the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of England Jonathan Van-Tam. The working group will provide funding, the regulatory evaluation, and future large-scale production support for vaccine R & D projects, thereby accelerating the entire R & D and production process.

The British government will provide funding for 21 related new R & D projects, with a total amount of 14 million pounds (about 17.5 million US dollars). At present, the top academic institutions in the UK, such as Imperial College, Oxford University, and Cambridge University, have teams developing related vaccines. British Secretary of Commerce, Energy and Industry Strategy Alok Sharma said that the interdisciplinary working group would play a key role in coordinating vaccine development, thereby accelerating the entire process and enabling people to obtain effective vaccines faster. The new crown epidemic data released by the British Ministry of Health on the 17th showed that the cumulative number of deaths in the country reached 14.576. an increase of 847 compared with the official figure of the previous day; the number of confirmed cases also climbed to 108.692.

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