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Angewandte Chemie International Edition: new progress in novel 2D Conjugated Polymer Optoelectronic Materials and devices

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The discovery of

conductive polymer has opened a new field of plastic electronics research. After decades of continuous research development hundreds of new conjugated polymer materials have been successfully designed synthesized their photoelectric properties have been significantly improved. They have been widely used in many fields such as field-effect transistors light-emitting diodes photovoltaic devices. However as a quasi one-dimensional conjugated polymer system the entanglement disordered structure between molecular chains in the aggregated state limit the further improvement of its effective charge transfer photoelectric properties. An effective strategy to solve this problem is to exp the conjugated structure from one dimension to two dimensions that is to develop new two-dimensional conjugated polymer materials. On the one h it is expected to bring further significant improvement in the photoelectric properties of polymer materials but also give the material system some excellent properties such as good flexibility mechanical properties the novel properties of other two-dimensional materials. Since the concept of two-dimensional polymer materials was put forward although some new two-dimensional polymer materials have been designed synthesized show good application prospects in the fields of catalysis energy storage etc. but due to the limited synthesis methods few kinds of materials incomplete expansion of two-dimensional conjugated structure poor structural regularity small size other factors they really have excellent semiconductor properties There are few two-dimensional conjugated polymer materials with good properties which limits their application in organic optoelectronic devices.

recently Dong Huanli a research team of Institute of chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a kind of Suzuki coupling reaction method with mild conditions good universality. Through the dynamic interface assembly polymerization process 2D polytriethyltriindole a new two-dimensional conjugated polymer material with extended conjugated structure was efficiently synthesized (2dptti) organic light control transistors organic field effect transistors based on materials as active semiconductor layers show excellent photoelectric properties which promotes the application of two-dimensional conjugated polymer materials in organic photoelectric devices. In the experiment we used the rigid planar molecules 27-12-tribromo-51015-triethyltriindole (2-brtti) 17-12-tribromo-51015-triethyltriindole (2-brtti) with triple symmetry 4-benzenediboronic acid dipinacol ester (bade) was used as the precursor to achieve large area thickness of 2.5 – 40 at room temperature by an improved Suzuki reaction method The chemical composition energy level structure of 2D conjugated polymer 2dptti were characterized by solid-state NMR Raman near variable absorption spectroscopy ultraviolet spectroscopy ultraviolet electron spectroscopy. The typical p-type charge transfer characteristics (saturated hole mobility of 1.37 × 10-3 cm2v-1s-1) low threshold voltage (< 10 V) high on / off ratio (5 × 103) of organic light control transistors organic field effect transistors based on the bottom gate top contact with 2dptti thin films are demonstrated The results show that the two-dimensional conjugated polymers exhibit excellent photoelectric response under UV irradiation. The optical sensitivity is 3.7 × 103 the optical response is 1.4 × 103 a W-1 which is the highest photoelectric performance of the two-dimensional conjugated polymers reported so far. In addition the 2dptti conjugated polymer also has obvious proton sensing luminescence properties indicating its potential application in multifunctional organic optoelectronic devices. This research provides a new idea for the preparation of other two-dimensional conjugated polymer semiconductor materials with diverse structures is expected to promote the rapid development of two-dimensional conjugated polymer semiconductor materials related optoelectronic devices. The results of the study were published in Angewte Chemie International Edition 2020

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