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Classification of outer spherical ball bearings with a seat

wallpapers News 2021-06-10
Standardization of roller bearings in China
The standardization of roller bearings in China is basically synchronized with the construction and development of the bearing industry in China, which can be roughly divided into three stages:
The first stage lasted from 1949 to 1957, mainly adopting Soviet standards.
The second stage was from 1958 to 1982, which was mainly organized by Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, a centralized unit in the bearing industry, and 124 standards were formulated.
The third stage is from 1983 to the present when the Standardization Technical Committee is mainly responsible for the standardization of bearing industry.
Classification of outer spherical ball bearings with a seat
Although the classification of outer spherical ball bearing with seat is also a roller bearing, it has its own unique classification method because of its various structural forms.
(1) According to the processing mode of bearing seat, it is divided into two kinds: bearing with casting seat and bearing with stamping seat.
(2) According to the shape of the bearing seat, it can be divided into the following nine kinds:
A) Bearing with vertical seat;
B) Bearing with square seat;
C) Bearing with diamond seat;
D) Bearing with circular seat;
E) Bearing with sliding block seat;
F) Bearing with annular seat;
G) Bearing with suspension seat;
H) Bearing with suspension type seat;
I) Bearing with triangular seat.
(3) According to the bearing structure type in the bearing seat, the belt bearing can be divided into three kinds:
A) External spherical ball bearing with top wire seat;
B) Eccentric outer spherical ball bearings with seat;
C) outer spherical ball bearings with seat set sleeve

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