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Cooperative coupling of small: Ni nanoparticles and ni3c nanosheets for efficient water decomposition

wallpapers News 2020-11-11

electrocatalytic water decomposition provides a promising way for sustainable large-scale hydrogen production but its efficiency is greatly limited by the kinetics of anodic oxygen evolution (OER) cathodic hydrogen evolution (her) which leads to an urgent dem for efficient electrocatalysts. Among them transition metal carbides (TMC) have attracted much attention due to their high density of states (DOS) near Fermi level abundant reserves high electronic conductivity excellent chemical stability.

recently Mu Shichun State Key Laboratory of new materials composite technology Wuhan University of science technology his collaborators have designed synthesized ni-ni3c heterostructure materials based on density functional theory (DFT) calculation prediction using flexible carbon cloth as self-supporting carrier by hydrothermal carbonization two-step method studied their water electrolysis activity. Electrochemical characterization showed that the ni-ni3c / cc heterostructure composed of Ni nanoparticles ni3c nanosheets exhibited excellent oer her catalytic activities in alkaline medium benefiting from abundant active sites excellent intrinsic activity: in 1 m KOH solution the overpotential of oer was only 299 MV when the current density of oer was 20 mA cm-2 only 98 MV when the current density of her was 10 Ma cm-2 MV. In addition ni-ni3c / cc electrode shows excellent stability Faraday efficiency of nearly 100% in electrolyzed water. The researchers of

believe that this work will provide a novel strategy for the rational design of efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts based on transition metal carbide materials.

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