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Iron silicate is from aliens

wallpapers News 2021-05-20
Does iron silicate have a special smell?
Iron silicate is a kind of inorganic, chemical formula for FeSi2, iron silicate is what color?Gray powder, no odor, square crystal, insoluble in water, can be used as catalytic oxidation of hydrogen, methanation catalyst, specifically used as a welding flux deoxidizer, humidity sensor, FeSi2 thermocouple, thermoelectric solar cells.
Is iron silicate poisonous?
1. Above the skin: Irritates skin and mucous membranes
2. Above the eyes: the effects of irritation
3. Sensitization: There is no known sensitization
4. Generally not hazardous to water, do not release materials into the surrounding environment without government permission.

How to synthesize and store iron silicate powder?
Closed at normal temperature, stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place.The iron powder with molar ratio of 1∶2 was mixed with the silicon powder and fused or sintered in vacuum or inert atmosphere.

What effect does silicon have on plant growth
1. Improve the photosynthesis of crops.
2. Improve root activity
3. Enhance the ability to resist lodging and diseases and insects.
4, improve output, increase quality.

Scientists have solved the mystery of the alien remains through fieldwork and sophisticated modern testing methods
These phenomena indicate that these iron pipes are made by trees, which is a natural phenomenon.The results revealed a rare geological phenomenon called the ferritization of living things.A more familiar phenomenon than ferritization is "silicification," or what we call "fossilization."In fact, ferrified wood is a very rare geological phenomenon. There are not many ferrified wood in the world, but it is occasionally found in Xinjiang region of China.
Conclusion: But in this view, these are just some people's speculation, there is too much to explore for the universe civilization, I believe that under the continuous efforts of scientists, people will understand the universe more and more.
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