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Preparation status and development direction of high-purity quartz powder

wallpapers News 2021-11-30
Preparation status and development direction of high-purity quartz powder
High-purity quartz powder has great application value. In recent years, with the depletion of natural crystals, the research of synthetic high-purity quartz powder has received increasing attention. The focus is on the synthesis of high-purity synthesis techniques such as gas-phase synthesis and liquid-phase synthesis. The principle, characteristics, research status, and development trend of quartz powder. It is believed that the synthesis of high-purity quartz powder by liquid-phase hydrolysis is a potential preparation method, which meets the requirements of waste resource recycling and sustainable development.
High-purity quartz sand generally refers to quartz powder with a Si02 content of more than 99.99%. It is the main raw material for quartz glass and quartz crucibles. Its high-end products are widely used in large-scale and very large-scale integrated circuits, optical fibers, solar cells, lasers, In aerospace, military, and other industries. This article reviews the development status of high-purity quartz sand processing technology and application at home and abroad, and combines the development status of the world and our country to promote the progress of my country's high-purity quartz sand processing technology, and points out that with high-quality crystal resources To solve the problem of insufficient self-sufficiency of high-grade quartz sand in my country, the main focus is on the improvement of geological prospecting, technological mineralogy, and mineral processing. The first thing to do is to look for pure crystals, homogeneous replacement of similar substances, and fewer gas-liquid inclusions. For ore, secondly, it is necessary to comprehensively adopt modern advanced physical and chemical beneficiation and purification technology and equipment to develop efficient and stable high-purity quartz beneficiation and purification technology. High-purity quartz raw material and has become a strategic product of the national economy.
At present, in the world, Unimin of the United States has taken a leading position in the preparation of high-purity quartz sand, and its ITOA products have reached the international top level. At present, the raw materials of high-purity quartz sand in my country mainly rely on imports, which seriously restricts the development of the quartz industry Therefore, my country's research on the utilization of natural quartz resources and the purification technology of high-purity quartz sand is of great significance.

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