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What are the applications of Spherical quartz powder?

wallpapers News 2021-12-14
Spherical quartz powder has a wide range of applications, and its use as an electronic packaging material is the largest market for its application. Electronic packaging is the supporting industry of integrated circuits. With the development of large-scale and very large-scale integrated circuits, integrated circuits are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the requirements for packaging materials are getting higher and higher, and the packaging forms are continuously optimized and updated. The three main materials of electronic packaging are substrate materials, plastic packaging materials, lead frames, and solders. Plastic packaging has developed rapidly since its birth due to its low cost, simple process, and suitability for mass production. Plastic packaging currently accounts for more than 95% of the integrated circuit market worldwide. Among plastic packaging materials, epoxy plastic packaging materials (EMC) are the mainstream of integrated circuit packaging at home and abroad, and more than 95% of microelectronic components use epoxy plastic packaging.
In microelectronics packaging, the main requirements are high moisture resistance, low stress, low alpha radiation, resistance to dip soldering and reflow soldering, and good plastic packaging performance after the integrated circuit is packaged. In response to this, epoxy molding compounds must be doped with inorganic fillers in the resin matrix, and most of the inorganic fillers currently used are quartz micro powders. With the rapid development of the microelectronics industry, large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits have increasingly higher requirements for packaging materials. As an important support material for EMC, quartz powder not only requires its particle size to meet the specific range of packaging but also requires its purity High, low content of radioactive elements.
Spherical quartz powder not only has a good shape but also has high chemical purity and low content of radioactive elements. Its application can greatly reduce the thermal expansion coefficient of the plastic molding compound, reduce its dielectric constant, and reduce stress. It greatly enhances the rigidity, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance, compression resistance, tensile resistance, moisture resistance, and flame resistance of the product, so that the product has good arc insulation properties and UV radiation resistance. In addition to being mainly used in the field of electronic packaging, spherical quartz powder can also be widely used in the manufacture of electronic inks, optical fibers, high-grade cosmetics, high-grade precision ceramics, precision grinding of optical devices and electronic components, and as fillers for special paints and coatings. 

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