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What are the applications of aluminum nitride ceramic materials?

wallpapers News 2021-12-02
Aluminum nitride ceramic is a kind of excellent comprehensive performance of new ceramic material. It has excellent thermal conductivity, reliable electrical insulation, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, nontoxic and matches the silicon thermal expansion coefficient, and a series of excellent features is considered to be a new generation of high integration ideals of the semiconductor substrate and electronics packaging materials.
In addition, aluminum nitride ceramics can be used as a crucible, evaporation boat, thermocouple protection tube, high-temperature insulation, as well as high-temperature corrosion-resistant structural ceramics, transparent aluminum nitride ceramic products, to become a kind of inorganic materials with wide application prospects.
The electronic packaging substrate material
High resistivity, high thermal conductivity, and low dielectric constant are the basic requirements of substrate materials for electronic packaging. The substrate for packaging should also have good thermal matching with the silicon wafer, easy forming, high surface flatness, easy metallization, easy processing, low cost, and certain mechanical properties.
Ceramics have the advantages of good insulation performance, stable chemical properties, high thermal conductivity, good high-frequency characteristics, etc. Good, stable chemical properties, high thermal conductivity, high-frequency characteristics, and other advantages, become the most commonly used substrate materials.
Commonly used ceramic substrate materials are beryllium oxide, alumina, aluminum nitride, etc., among which alumina ceramic substrate thermal conductivity is low, thermal expansion coefficient and silicon do not match; Although beryllium oxide has excellent properties, its powder is not highly toxic. Aluminum nitride ceramic is considered the most ideal substrate material for its high thermal conductivity, good thermal impact resistance, and good mechanical properties at high-temperature.
Transparent ceramic material
The transparency of ceramics generally refers to the electromagnetic wave that can be passed within a certain range of electromagnetic frequency, such as the electromagnetic wave in the infrared spectrum region if it can penetrate the ceramic piece, the ceramic piece is infrared transparent ceramics. Pure AIN ceramics are colorless transparent crystals with excellent optical properties and can be used as heat-resistant coatings for high-temperature infrared Windows and fairings in the manufacture of electronic optical devices. Therefore, aluminum nitride ceramics have a good application in the military industry.

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