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What is a calorie bearing?

wallpapers News 2021-04-19
Adventure Ball Bearing Introduction
The calorie ball bearing is between the inner rings of the two always and the outer ring of the spherical surface and is equipped with a bearing with a round ball.
The curvature center of the outer ring rollway is consistent with the center of the bearing, so it has the same calorie function as the automatic calorie ball bearing. When the axis, when the outer casing is deflected, it can be automatically adjusted without increasing the bearing burden. The calorie roller bearing can withstand the radial load and the axial load in the two directions. The radial load capacity is large, suitable for the case where there is heavy load and impact load. The inner diameter of the inner ring is the bearing of the cone hole, which can be installed directly. Or use a tight sleeve, and remove the cylinder is mounted on the cylindrical shaft. The capture holder uses a steel plate stamping holder, a polyamide forming retaining frame and a copper coordinate holder.
The calorie ball bearing has two structures of cylindrical holes and cone holes, and the material of the casing has a steel sheet, a synthetic resin, and the like. It is characterized by the outer ring roller, which has automatic calibration, which can compensate for the error of different biotransformation and shaft deflection, but therein, the relative inclination of the outer ring should not exceed 3 degrees.
It can withstand a large radial load while also withstanding a certain axial load. The outer ring of this type of bearing is a spherical shape, so it is possible to operate when the axis is bent or inclined, and the centerline is not more than 1 ° to 2.5 ° relative to the outer ring centerline.
There are two types of cylindrical and conical shapes in the inner bore in the center of the ball bearing. The taper of the conical inner hole is 1: 1 2 or 1:30. In order to strengthen the lubrication of the bearing, the annular oil tank and three oil holes are processed on the outer ring of the bearing.

Advanced bearing application
Papermaking machinery, semiconductor, gear device
From the perspective of profits, the growth rate in the early last year is close to 60%, but due to the large increase in cost, the final year industry has declined, and the growth has fallen to 10%.
The bearing advances render the surplus again. It is understood that since the international financial crisis, the 2009 bearing advancement is 800 million US dollars. In 2010, the bearing advancement is 500 million US dollars. Last year, the bearing retrograde surprises, the survival is 330 million US dollars.
The bearing industry surplus reproduction, on the one hand, my country's export bearing market and structure have been reasonably adjusted, and the export share of large bearing and medium and high-end bearing is increased. On the other hand, the imported bearing is reduced due to multinational bearing group companies in our country.
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