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What is a tapered roller bearing?

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Tapered roller bearings are separate bearings. The inner and outer rings of the bearings have tapered raceways. This type of bearing is divided into different structural models, such as single-row, double-row, and four-row tapered roller bearings according to the number of rollers installed. Single row tapered roller bearings can withstand radial loads and axial loads in one direction. When the bearing is subjected to a radial load, an axial component will be generated, so when another bearing that can withstand the axial force in the opposite direction is needed to balance it.
Tapered roller bearings refer to radial thrust with tapered rollers. Rolling bearings are divided into small and large cone angles. The lower cone angle mainly bears the combined radial and axial load, mostly the radial load. They are usually used for two-way, reverse installation, the inner ring, an outer ring can be installed separately. During installation and use, the radial and axial clearance angles can be adjusted to bear the combined axial and radial loads mainly, and the axial and radial loads are mostly axial loads. It is generally not used alone to withstand pure axial loads. It can withstand pure radial loads when configured in pairs (relatively installed at the same end).
The ability of single-row tapered roller bearings to bear axial load depends on the contact angle, that is, the outer ring raceway angle—the higher the corner, the greater the axial load capacity. Single-row tapered roller bearings are the most used in tapered roller bearings. In the front wheel hub of the car, small-size double-row tapered roller bearings are used. Four-row tapered roller bearings are used in heavy types of machinery, such as tremendous cold and hot rolling mills.
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