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Causes and Countermeasures of common cracks in Nachi bearing

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1. Nachi bearing longitudinal crack -- crack characteristics and formation conditions: it often occurs in hardened parts and raw materials where carbide banding and structure segregation are serious, or non inclusions extend longitudinally, crack from the surface to the inside, and the crack is deep and long. Solution and preventive measures: eliminate the banded and segregation structure of carbide in raw materials, and strictly prohibit impurities exceeding the standard; Reasonable heat treatment process parameters should be established; Try to exclude human operation factors.
2. Special shaped crack of Nachi bearing -- Characteristics and forming conditions of quenching crack: it often occurs in the UN hardened parts or carburized parts, and the cracks are mostly located at the sharp corners and the wide thickness difference of the parts. Solution and preventive measures: the key is to make reasonable heat treatment process parameters; Improve the operator's operation skills, try to eliminate human factors; When designing, try to use arc transition to avoid sharp corners.
3. Nachi bearing network crack (also known as crack) - quenching crack characteristics and formation conditions: the surface is easy to produce this kind of crack after grinding. High hardness parts, chemical heat treatment parts and high frequency quenching parts also often produce this kind of crack. The crack is on the surface of the parts, and the depth is about 0.005 ~ 0.02mm. Solution and preventive measures: tempering after heat treatment should be sufficient; When grinding, the feed should be small to minimize the heat generated during grinding.
4. Peeling crack of Nachi bearing -- crack characteristics and forming conditions: it often appears in surface hardened parts or chemical heat treated parts. The stripping layer is the transition zone. Solution and preventive measures: tempering immediately after quenching; Reasonable selection of quenching heating parameters and cooling medium.
5. Nachi bearing microcracks - the causes of such cracks are complex. 5.1 crack characteristics and formation conditions: it often appears at the needle like martensite, austenite grain boundary and the structural defects in the grain. Solution and preventive measures: ensure the chemical composition and organizational structure of the material in normal state; The process parameters of heat treatment should be strictly controlled; Operators should constantly improve their skills to make up for some unforeseen factors and avoid cracks.
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