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Comparative analysis of three common FBA headway transportation methods


In recent years, with the continuous improvement of cross-border e-commerce basic services, Amazon's e-commerce platform has become more and more widely used, and more and more e-commerce companies have begun to use FBA logistics. FBA first-way logistics transportation methods are mainly divided into three types: sea freight, air freight, and international express. With the opening of the China-Europe railway in the past two years, more and more European FBA cross-border e-commerce companies will choose China-Europe trains for transportation. Today, we mainly explain the ocean, air, and international express delivery in the first journey of FBA.


Among the three common FBA first-way transportation methods, international shipping is more cost-effective, so the usage rate has always been higher than that of air transportation and international express delivery. Although the logistics timeliness of international shipping is relatively easy to be affected by the natural weather at sea, the shipping cost is cheap, and Amazon merchants now basically use Amazon warehouse for delivery, so merchants only need to do a good job in the inventory management of Amazon warehouse goods, FBA first shipping process The impact of the timeliness issue on sellers is almost negligible.


International air transportation in FBA first-way transportation is a transportation method with high timeliness and expensive freight. Amazon sellers cooperate with domestic freight forwarding companies to complete the FBA first-way transportation of goods by air, and then air freight to the destination country, and then the local delivery agent will carry out party transportation. The freight of FBA international air freight is twice as high as that of sea freight, but the flight selection is more flexible, and the flight time is short, so the time of FBA international air freight is usually 20-30 days shorter than that of sea freight. If the commodity is small, the price is high, and the timeliness is high, you can usually choose the way of air transportation.


International express in FBA first-way transportation is a more time-sensitive transportation method than air transportation. The transportation time of international express delivery generally only takes about a week to reach Europe and the United States, and the timeliness can meet most of the urgent transportation requirements. When merchants choose international express delivery, they need to pay attention to the customs clearance capability of the express company. Cross-border e-commerce express delivery is different from domestic express delivery. If the express company's customs clearance capability is not strong, even if the transportation time is fast, the goods may not be able to enter the warehouse in time due to customs clearance problems.


The above is the main difference between the three FBA first-way transportation methods: sea freight, air freight, and international express. When the seller chooses the FBA first-way transportation method, the choice is generally mainly based on the commodity price, profit margin, and timeliness requirements. If the sales volume of the Amazon store is not high in the early stage, the seller can also choose to use the Amazon FBA delivery method, so that the goods only need to be transported to Amazon's FBA warehouse by sea, which can save the early selection and contact FBA for first-way transportation Trouble with service providers.

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