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Advantages of nickel hydroxide microwave drying method

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Nickel hydroxide is a traditional chemical powder used to prepare nickel salt, alkaline storage batteries, nickel plating, etc. Its melting point is 230°C, which is relatively low. In the drying process of nickel hydroxide, because its melting point is too small, the temperature cannot be too high, which will affect its quality and output. Compared with traditional hot air drying, microwave nickel hydroxide drying has the following advantages:
1. Even and fast, this is the main feature of microwave drying. Due to the higher penetration of microwaves, heat can be directly generated inside the medium during heating. The drying temperature is reduced, and the yield is 100%.

2. With selectivity, microwave heating is related to the nature of the substance. In a microwave field of a specific frequency, moisture absorbs much more heat than other materials; at the same time, because microwave heating is carried out simultaneously, the internal humidity can be quickly heated and directly evaporated.

3. High thermal efficiency and sensitive response. Because the heat comes directly from the inside of the dry material, the heat loss in the surrounding medium is minimal, and the microwave heating cavity itself does not absorb heat or absorb microwaves. All emits and acts on the material, which has high thermal efficiency.

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