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Borealis Fibremod™ Technology Enables Flexible Designs with Reduced Weight and Cost in Automotive Applications

wallpapers News 2021-01-04

Borealis, a leading supplier of innovative polyolefin plastic materials for engineering applications in the automotive industry announces the availability of Fibremod™, its innovative carbon and glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene (PP) technology, for the North American automotive market.

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The Fibremod™ family of products enables automotive manufacturers to achieve weight-saving and process cost-saving targets. In turn, replacing engineering plastics and metal parts with energy-efficient and lighter weight PP grades leads to improved fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. 

Borealis’ customized carbon and glass fiber-reinforced PP solutions are at the cutting edge in automotive manufacturing, bringing lighter weight, extra strength, and greater impact performance across applications ranging from front end and tailgate modules to instrument panel and center console carriers.

Products in the Fibremod™ family are a suitable material substitute for metal, and engineered plastics, delivering unmatched design flexibility. Short-glass, long-glass and carbon fiber formulations are available, with customizable fiber content ratios, to enable manufacturers to balance strength, weight, and cost according to specific design needs.

Fibremod™ products also support energy efficiency in production by reducing process temperatures and energy requirements compared with alternative solutions such as polyamide (PA).

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