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Obstacles to the development of the bearing industry

wallpapers News 2021-01-20
The characteristics of the bearing are the special shape of the parts and the many processes. Only by considering product design, process design, equipment accuracy and efficiency, labor quality and cost, can we produce high-performance, low-cost bearings and ultimately win customers and market shares. There are many factors to consider when entering the bearing industry.
The main obstacles
The first is technical barriers. With the development of industrial technology, various main engines put forward more requirements on bearings, such as high precision, high speed, high sensitivity, long life, high reliability, high technical content, and high value-added bearings. Big. In addition to higher requirements for processing equipment and testing instruments, this development trend requires enterprises to have strong technical development capabilities. The second is the hindrance of capital investment. In most cases, bearings are used as high-speed rotation supports or precision motion guide parts, so the parts processing accuracy, size dispersion, and assembly accuracy are relatively high. Therefore, higher capital investment is required. The last more important thing is the obstacle of human resources. The bearing industry is still a labor-intensive industry, and labor costs have a greater impact on product prices and corporate benefits. In addition, the high-precision feature requires a high technical level of workers, especially in precision bearings, low-noise bearings, special-structure bearings, and other products. Therefore, labor cost and professional quality of personnel are some of the important factors to be considered when entering the industry.
Related industry development
Its upstream industries are mainly steel and steel products industries, and its relevance to the upstream industries is mainly reflected in the price and supply of raw materials. The industry is basically in a state of complete competition, with sufficient product supply and a relatively transparent price system. The downstream industry is mainly the field of its wide application. The demand for bearings in the domestic market mainly consists of two parts. One is the supporting requirements of various main engines, but the maintenance requirements of various mechanical equipment.

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